Sunday, November 13, 2011

In The Sticks/When Life Hands You Lemons....

Saturday's Workout:  Ran 2.43 miles in a parking lot (more on that later)-Week 6 Day 3 of C25K

Well, I'm back in Dallas after spending a weekend in the sticks.  I drove 7 hours to my parents' hunting property.  The last hour I spent going over some steep hills with switchbacks.  Halfway up the mountain, my gas light came on.  I finally made it to my parents' place around 10.

I woke up the next morning and both of my parents had gone hunting.  I put Quinn's leash on and took her outside to walk her.  I shut the front door behind me...and it locked.  Yes, I was stuck outside with my dog in my PJ's and a fleece jacket.  I decided to walk to my dad's friend's house (which is about a mile away).  I got halfway to his house, and my dad's friend had driven down to meet me (he saw me coming with this binoculors).  Luckily he had a key to my dad's house and he got the key and he let me in the house!

I ate breakfast and got dressed to go run.  I had to go get gas at a gas station that looked like something that you would see from the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.  The gas pump was one of those old ones with the numbers that spin.

I followed my googled directions to Ozark High School (Home of the Hillbillies.  For real, that's their mascot.)  When I got to the high school, I discovered that there was no football field/track next to the high school.  I tried to look up directions to the football field, but I couldn't find any.  I looked at the parking lot.  It was pretty big.  So, I decided that my workout would consist of running around the parking lot.  My run went pretty well, too.  I covered quite a bit of distance.  Here is what my workout consisted of:
5 minutes Warm Up
25 minutes Running
5 minutes Cool Down
The workout went really well, and I was proud of myself for finding a way to work out.  When life hands you run around the parking lot.

On the way back to the hunting lodge, I stopped at McDonalds to get a drink.  I saw that they had Peppermint Mochas!  I love peppermint mochas!  I got a large (I should've asked for a Venti-that would've freaked the good people of Ozark out!).  Verdict:  I like the one at Starbucks better.

I won't be running tomorrow.  I'll be back on Tuesday!

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