Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Late Night Run

Workout:  Ran 2.09 miles (Week 7 Day 1 of C25K) at junior high track

I didn't get to run right after school today because I got the pleasure of standing in line to renew my car registration.  So, I met my friend at the junior high track near her house to do my workout.  Tonight's workout consisted of:
5 minutes warm up
25 minutes running
5 minutes cool down
Tonight's run was a little more difficult after being sedentary for two days.

I didn't work out yesterday because I had after school tutoring.  I could've gone last night, but I went to Luby's to eat dinner with my friend.  Luby's has some good healthy choices.  I didn't have any of those choices.  I went for all out comfort food.  It was a rough day.  I didn't pack a breakfast, so I had a Slimfast shake.  I had a meeting during lunch, so I chugged another Slimfast shake before my meeting.  I had two meetings:  one of them lasted 2 hours and the other one lasted 1 1/2 hours.

I had originally planned on catching up on two episodes of my favorite serial killer, Dexter.  That is, until a friend called to tell me that my boyfriend, Apolo Ohno, was going to be on The Biggest Loser tonight! Yippee!  I have the biggest crush on him.  I still haven't gotten to that part of the episode, but I have it saved on my DVR.  I can catch up on Dexter anytime!

I won't be running tomorrow because I am taking the world's cutest dog, Quinn Fabray, to get her shots. She is going to be super thrilled with me tomorrow.  I think that there is a "pet party" tomorrow night at my apartment complex.  Should I dress her up in her tutu???  Hmmm.......

Have a great night!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

In The Sticks/When Life Hands You Lemons....

Saturday's Workout:  Ran 2.43 miles in a parking lot (more on that later)-Week 6 Day 3 of C25K

Well, I'm back in Dallas after spending a weekend in the sticks.  I drove 7 hours to my parents' hunting property.  The last hour I spent going over some steep hills with switchbacks.  Halfway up the mountain, my gas light came on.  I finally made it to my parents' place around 10.

I woke up the next morning and both of my parents had gone hunting.  I put Quinn's leash on and took her outside to walk her.  I shut the front door behind me...and it locked.  Yes, I was stuck outside with my dog in my PJ's and a fleece jacket.  I decided to walk to my dad's friend's house (which is about a mile away).  I got halfway to his house, and my dad's friend had driven down to meet me (he saw me coming with this binoculors).  Luckily he had a key to my dad's house and he got the key and he let me in the house!

I ate breakfast and got dressed to go run.  I had to go get gas at a gas station that looked like something that you would see from the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.  The gas pump was one of those old ones with the numbers that spin.

I followed my googled directions to Ozark High School (Home of the Hillbillies.  For real, that's their mascot.)  When I got to the high school, I discovered that there was no football field/track next to the high school.  I tried to look up directions to the football field, but I couldn't find any.  I looked at the parking lot.  It was pretty big.  So, I decided that my workout would consist of running around the parking lot.  My run went pretty well, too.  I covered quite a bit of distance.  Here is what my workout consisted of:
5 minutes Warm Up
25 minutes Running
5 minutes Cool Down
The workout went really well, and I was proud of myself for finding a way to work out.  When life hands you lemons....you run around the parking lot.

On the way back to the hunting lodge, I stopped at McDonalds to get a drink.  I saw that they had Peppermint Mochas!  I love peppermint mochas!  I got a large (I should've asked for a Venti-that would've freaked the good people of Ozark out!).  Verdict:  I like the one at Starbucks better.

I won't be running tomorrow.  I'll be back on Tuesday!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Going Off The Grid

Workout:  Ran 2.14 miles (Week 6 Day 2 of C25K) on the school track

I don't really have a lot to say today.  I weigh in tomorrow morning...hopefully it's another loss.  I need to lose that 4.3 pounds by Christmas so I can get my ear pierced!  I broke the news to my mom last night about the ear piercing.  I got the "well, you're 40 years old (rub it in, mom).  You can get an ear piercing if you want."  I'm taking it that she was not pleased.  Oh well, I am 40 years old, so I guess I can get a piercing if I want.  :)

Today's run went really well!  Today's workout consisted of:
5 minutes warm up
10 minutes run
3 minutes walk
10 minutes run
5 minutes cool down
The music that my iphone shuffled through did not have the best beat.  I think the best song was "Hungry Like The Wolf" and that was during my warm up.  It's strange how the right music will do the trick for pace.  Probably the worst song was "Hate Me" by Blue October.  Not really a great running song.  I have a special playlist for racing called...wait for it...Racing Mix (I'm a genius!)  But I only want to use it for races so I won't get sick of it.  I get sick of playlists rather quickly.

This weekend, I am going off the grid.  I am going to my parent's hunting property in Podunk, Arkansas.  I will not have internet access or even 3G coverage (unless I stand out in a field, which makes me "outstanding in my field"!  I slay me!).  I am wanting to run, but in order to do so, I will have to drive an hour ONE WAY to Ozark to the high school track.  It would be easy for me not to run at all, but I really need to do this.  I want to finish Week 6 of C25K. I'll be back in the land of the living on Sunday.

Have a great night!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Kryptonite

Workout:  Ran 2.34 miles on the school track (Week 5 Day 1 of C25K)

Today, one of my coworkers had a bridal shower.  I knew that I was running right after the shower, so I brought an apple and 1/2 of my Clif Bar (because I'm cool like that).  So, while everyone was having punch, cheese, and CAKE, I had my apple and bar.  This does not sound like a big deal, but as many people know, CAKE is my kryptonite.  Actually cake, cupcakes (that's cake, right?), and ice cream are my kryptonite.  So this was a big deal for me.  The funny thing is that I didn't even really care that I was missing it...and I had three people at my table eating cake!  Weird.  I'm not going to question it, though.  I'm going with it.

After the shower, I went to the track to do my run.  Today my run consisted of:
5 minutes warm up
5 minutes running
3 minutes walking
8 minutes running
3 minutes walking
5 minutes running
5 minutes cool down
It felt really good!  I was surprised at the distance that I covered.  I am a slow runner.  I think that I need to have more consistency in my runs, without having such long breaks in between.  DUH!

Planning on running on the school track following an after-school meeting.  This weekend, I am going to my parents hunting property in Podunk, AR.  On Saturday, I am going to drive one hour each way to a high school track to do my running.  I may even go on Sunday.  We'll see how I do.

Now, onto an evening of knitting, laundry, and American Horror Story!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's A "Stupid" Sandwich!

Workout: Week 5 Day 3 of Couch to 5K

It's been a few days since I've blogged. Let's rewind back to Friday....

Friday started off great! I weighed in and lost 3 pounds! Yippee! That brings my total to 10.7 pounds! 4.3 more pounds and I can get my ear pierced!

Friday's lunch was a luncheon that our school put on for our school district's maintenance and operations staff. I mad a lot of bad choices: cheeseburger, baked beans, chili, and oh so many desserts. I was stuffed and miserable. But it was yummy!

After school I went running. It was not pretty. I felt like I had a brick in my stomach the whole time I was running. But I pushed through and made it!

That night, I prepared for the Spirit Run 5K. I pinned my bib onto my shirt and laid all of my clothes out. I even got my breakfast ready.

This is where the story gets stupid. I woke up and thought to myself, "Wow, it sure is light outside.". Then I sit up in a panic! The race started at 8:30 and my clock indicated that it was 10!!! Yep. I slept through a race. I pulled a Seinfeld. I pretty much spent the rest of my day beating myself up.

Sunday was looking to be a better day. I was meeting one of my besties to see PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 at the Studio Movie Grill, which is a cool movie theater to eat meals and desserts. I checked the website for an afternoon showing and found one at 3:55. Being uber-punctual, I got there early. Well, there wasn't a showing at that time and the next showing was at 8:00. That was too late on a school night, so asked to speak to the manager. Ten minutes later he came down to talk to us. I explained the situation and his grand idea was to give us free passes to see Puss N Boots. Really? Paranormal Activity vs Puss N Boots. Umm, no thank you. I said that I would take a free pass to ANY movie! When he handed it to me, he said, "Next time check our website for accurate movie times." Sir, that is why I was in the mess I was in! Anyway, I called my super friend who was meeting me and we decided to see it at Northpark Center. The bonus? There is a new H&M store there and picked up some great deals! The movie was soooooooo scary and did not disappoint!

Monday is not even worth mentioning. Next.

Today was a much better day! I got quite a bit of paperwork done (the yucky part of my job). After school, I went on a run! I ran the White Rock Creek trail. Most of my running has been on school tracks, and this was concrete with some rolling in them. It was hard, but I know that I need to train on a variety of trails. And I felt GREAT after I did it!

I've been reading running blogs. A lot of the bloggers ran the NYC Marathon. That is a far off goal of mine! But, I am thinking of kicking these goals into gear. I am toying with the idea of running the half marathon portion of the OKC Memorial Marathon. Thoughts? Anyone? Anyone?

Have a great Wednesday!
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Longer than I intended!

Workout: 2.18 miles at the school track

Well, I didn't mean for such a long break between runs. Monday, I can't remember why I didn't run, but I'm sure it was flimsy. Tuesday, I had a special education paperwork catastrophe. Yesterday, my friend had to cancel on me. But today, I ran.

I decided to go back to W5D1 of C25K. It consists of:
Warm up 5 minutes
Run 5 minutes
Walk 3 minutes
Run 5 minutes
Walk 3 minutes
Run 5 minutes
Cool Down 5 minutes

I didn't know how it was going to go because of my break from running. Surprisingly, it went okay. It was hard and I was slower than I wanted to be. But the important thing is that I ran. I plan on going back out there tomorrow.

I decided to change something else. Now that it is going to start getting darker earlier, I've decided to go run right after school. I brought my clothes with me to school, which is an accountability thing for me. It's hard to leave school in my regular clothes when I have a bag of work-out clothes with me. And I can't wear my workout clothes if I am not going to workout!

On Saturday I am running in the Spirit Run 5K. I will probably do W5D3 of C25K during the run as well as adding a few more bursts of running. After this race is the Dallas Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. Hopefully I will be running more by then.

Tomorrow morning, I weigh in again. Last week, I did not lose an ounce, which is frustrating. I hope I have a loss this week. I would really like to have lost 15 pounds by Christmas, so I can get my ear pierced before I go to see my family in Arkansas! I'm into shock value! ;)

I hope everyone has a wonderful evening!!!


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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Didn't Die/Observation/SMOTD

Workout: 1.83 miles (W5D2 of C25K)
Favorite song during run: California Gurls by Katy Perry (I like about 20% of her songs. This one made the cut!)
Downloading: MYLO XYLOTO by Coldplay
Reading: MAJOR PETTIGREW'S LAST STAND by Helen Simonson

Today was a busy day! I had all of my students to see, and on top of that we had Enrichment Clusters. The one I am "leading" is Script Society, which is exposing the students to calligraphy. This is my second semester leading this particular cluster. Next semester I have an AWESOME idea for an enrichment cluster, but I'm not ready to share it yet.

Tonight's run went well! I had to warm up for 5 minutes, run 8 minutes, walk 5 minutes, run 8 minutes, and then cool down for five minutes. I was kind of dreading it, but it went surprisingly well! Once again, I forgot my snack before I ran, but I think the bowl of pasta I had for dinner helped! Next week I need to start adding in some weights whether it be the weight routine my friend wrote for me, or the Bodypump class at my gym.

Tomorrow, I have my observation at school. I'm nervous, but I've been doing this for 10 years. If I don't know how to do it now, then I'm in trouble. I think it will go okay.I'll just be glad when it is over! Oh yeah, it's also Red Ribbon Week at school and we have a different theme each day. Tomorrow is Pajama Day....and I can't wear them until about 11:00 because I have a parent conference and then my observation. I am bringing my pj's in a duffle bag to change into later.

Tonight's scary movie: SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD. I wasn't impressed. I'm normally a huge George Romero fan and a zombie movie fan, but it was probably my least favorite of his movies. Oh well, you can't win them all!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm going to try this blogging thing....again!

Workout: W5D1of C25K. Total mileage: 1.97 miles

Well, it's been awhile. But I'm back. I also have a new goal. I would like to lose 30 pounds by the end of the school year. I'm 7.7 pounds of the way there! When I lose 15 pounds, I am going to get my ear pierced.
30 pounds: IPad 2, or whatever one that they have out at the time.
45 pounds: an outrageously expensive pair of jeans

If you think that this is too much weight, well, I have a lot to lose. I'm chunky. But, I will do it, with your help and encouragement.

Tonight's run went okay. I am fighting a nasty cold and cough. I also ran without a snack on my stomach, which usually consists of 1/2 of a Clif Bar. So, I was a bit sluggish. Hopefully my cold mess will start taking effect!

In totally unrelated news, I got my dog's Halloween costume. She also turns one in two days, so this purchase was warranted. So, I got her a fabulous pink tutu! She is going to look great!

I am starting a new tradition of watching one scary movie a day until Halloween. So far I have watched CARRIE, THE SHINING, and HALLOWEEN (Rob Zombie's remake). Tonight's cinematic experience was THE HILLS HAVE EYES (the remake). Wow. That was freaky! Life lesson learned from watching this movie: If you are driving to San Diego, don't decide to "see the desert" and take a dirt road. IT'S A TRAP!

Well, I'm off to bed! Later!

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Friday, July 8, 2011


Bodypump class at gym-1 hour

I don't really have much to report today.  I did go to the Bodypump class at my gym.  I increased my weight today on the bar, so I'm sure that I will be feeling it tomorrow!  I'm still struggling with those planks.  I think I may need to take my friend Miss Griffin's advice and do some everyday and increase the time.

My friend Lauren and I have been going between two different clubs for the Bodypump class.  Sadly, we found out that they are replacing both of the weekday (during hours that normal people work) classes with my nemesis:  Zumba. We may have to suck it up and go.  Ugh!

Either Saturday or Sunday I plan on doing Week 1 Day 3 of my Couch to 5K plan.  Until tomorrow.....

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Setbacks and Comebacks, and Work-Out Scenery

Week 2 Day 1 of Couch to 5K-2 miles

Bodypump class at my gym-1 excruciating hour

Week 2 Day 2 of Couch to 5K-2 miles

Well, I'm back.  

Where have I been?  Not working out...and I was ashamed to admit that, especially on a blog that I started to chronicle my new "healthy lifestyle".  And the more that time passed, the more embarrassed I was.  Anyway, I picked myself up and started over again.  Hopefully you can appreciate my honesty.  

So, I have been making a big effort to eat better this week.  Tonight I am going out to dinner (hopefully for Pad Thai) and I am going to have them box up half of the serving for me to take home for tomorrow. I hope that is where we go, as I have already made this "plan".  But, my friend is making the restaurant choice tonight so I will roll with the punches.  

So, my funny story?  I have what I would like to call a "creeper" who lives in my apartment building.  This man is in his 60's and wears his hear in a long, gray ponytail.  He is usually standing in front of the apartment building talking on his cell phone and wearing white dress shoes, shorts, and no shirt.  George Clooney he is not.  On Monday, when I went to do my running, I was on a treadmill in my apartment's workout center which faces the pool area.  Well, here comes Creeper, laden with beach towels, to the pool area.  He takes THREE pool-side chairs and arranges his myriad of towels on them.  Then he disrobes to reveal....a SPEEDO!  I nearly fell off the treadmill.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, my treadmill was DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF HIM.  Ugh.  When I went to workout today, I noticed that he was back at the pool area. I chose a treadmill that faced a wall this time.  A blank wall was better than what I faced on Monday.  

I hope that everyone has a wonderful day!  

Today's question:
What song is currently on your head right now?  

Monday, June 13, 2011

Week One, Day One

2 miles on treadmill (Couch to 5K)
1 hour of Zumba basics DVD

Good evening!  

I started the Couch to 5K program.  I am at my parents house in Arkansas, and luckily they have a treadmill!  So, I turned on the TV to the Casey Anthony trial (I am obsessed with that trial) and started my iPhone on the C25K app (there's an app for that!) and I was on my way!  The running was surprisingly easy, and I was even running 5 MPH at the most!  Two things I forgot:  a towel and a water bottle.  I was parched!

After that, I rewarded myself with an episode of The Walking Dead.  I have a fascination with zombies.  I have the season on DVD, so I am just now watching the first episode.  Let me tell you, it was gory.  Not that I mind, but just a warning for you guys!

After watching the first episode, I put in the "basics" DVD for Zumba.  OMG, it was hard!  And this wasn't the workout.  It was the intro to the steps.  Many many years and pounds ago, I was on drill team and I was pretty quick at learning new routines.  Well, those days are long gone.  I am not giving up on it yet.  I am so out of shape.  I am hoping that the DVD gets easier.  I rewarded myself with another episode of The Walking Dead.  

Tomorrow, my plan is to do the Zumba DVD again.  Yes, it will be the basics again, which will probably kick my butt again, but I am going to stick with it.  I am also joining one of my besties for dinner.  Hopefully I will make good food choices and hopefully I can talk my friend into going for frozen yogurt afterwards!!!  

Good night!  

Thursday, June 9, 2011


1 hour of BodyPump

On Monday of this week, I attended the 24Lift class at my gym.  It was pretty challenging, since I am extremely out of shape, but I was able to keep up with the class with a few breaks.  Oh, and I used the puniest weights in the class.  

Tuesday, I was pretty sore.  My arms were killing me.  But, the worst was yet to come.  

On Wednesday, my arms were so sore that for the first part of the day, I couldn't bring my hand to my face.  This was problematic as I couldn't wash my face!  Or cover my mouth if I sneezed.  I was in bad shape.  

Tonight, I went to the BodyPump class.  I really liked it and the instructor.  This class has a major problem for me...the plank!  Yes, we spend an eternity on the plank!  Not only that, while we are in the plank we have to move our feet and our arms to do this "around the world" thing!  I was unable to do any of this!!!  Hopefully if I stick with it, I will be able to do the plank soon.

Next week, I am going to be at my parent's house in Arkansas.  So, I will start on the Couch to 5K program and I will also take my Zumba DVD's with me.  I have had those DVD's since last year and haven't even used them yet.  I'll let you know how it goes.  

Friday, May 27, 2011

Here it is! My first post!

Well, I finally did it!  I made a blog!  I know that it is a little sparse, but as soon as I learn some more basics, I will be a pro at this. 

My running class starts next Tuesday.  We have to run for a mile (or attempt to) and then give our time to the coaches.  Then we are placed into groups based on our running ability.  I wonder what they would think if I just went up to the before the mile run and said, "Listen.  I already know which group I will be in...the slowest group.  Just go ahead and put me there."  Hey, at least I'm honest.

Today at school we had field day.  My job was handing out popcicles at the popcicle stand.  It's not a bad jub, it's usually in the shade. 

I am going to Hot Springs, AR this weekend to see my grandmother.  She had a mini stroke and is in a hospital.  Today, she is possibly being moved to rehab where she will get physical therapy and speech therapy.  She wants me to sneak my dog, Quinn Fabray, into the hospital.  This should not be a hard task since Quinn weighs all of four pounds.  We'll see how it goes. 

Have a great weekend everyone!