Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's A "Stupid" Sandwich!

Workout: Week 5 Day 3 of Couch to 5K

It's been a few days since I've blogged. Let's rewind back to Friday....

Friday started off great! I weighed in and lost 3 pounds! Yippee! That brings my total to 10.7 pounds! 4.3 more pounds and I can get my ear pierced!

Friday's lunch was a luncheon that our school put on for our school district's maintenance and operations staff. I mad a lot of bad choices: cheeseburger, baked beans, chili, and oh so many desserts. I was stuffed and miserable. But it was yummy!

After school I went running. It was not pretty. I felt like I had a brick in my stomach the whole time I was running. But I pushed through and made it!

That night, I prepared for the Spirit Run 5K. I pinned my bib onto my shirt and laid all of my clothes out. I even got my breakfast ready.

This is where the story gets stupid. I woke up and thought to myself, "Wow, it sure is light outside.". Then I sit up in a panic! The race started at 8:30 and my clock indicated that it was 10!!! Yep. I slept through a race. I pulled a Seinfeld. I pretty much spent the rest of my day beating myself up.

Sunday was looking to be a better day. I was meeting one of my besties to see PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 at the Studio Movie Grill, which is a cool movie theater to eat meals and desserts. I checked the website for an afternoon showing and found one at 3:55. Being uber-punctual, I got there early. Well, there wasn't a showing at that time and the next showing was at 8:00. That was too late on a school night, so asked to speak to the manager. Ten minutes later he came down to talk to us. I explained the situation and his grand idea was to give us free passes to see Puss N Boots. Really? Paranormal Activity vs Puss N Boots. Umm, no thank you. I said that I would take a free pass to ANY movie! When he handed it to me, he said, "Next time check our website for accurate movie times." Sir, that is why I was in the mess I was in! Anyway, I called my super friend who was meeting me and we decided to see it at Northpark Center. The bonus? There is a new H&M store there and picked up some great deals! The movie was soooooooo scary and did not disappoint!

Monday is not even worth mentioning. Next.

Today was a much better day! I got quite a bit of paperwork done (the yucky part of my job). After school, I went on a run! I ran the White Rock Creek trail. Most of my running has been on school tracks, and this was concrete with some rolling in them. It was hard, but I know that I need to train on a variety of trails. And I felt GREAT after I did it!

I've been reading running blogs. A lot of the bloggers ran the NYC Marathon. That is a far off goal of mine! But, I am thinking of kicking these goals into gear. I am toying with the idea of running the half marathon portion of the OKC Memorial Marathon. Thoughts? Anyone? Anyone?

Have a great Wednesday!
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